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Tsunami of magnificent backgrounds

I´d like to thank TotallySpiesPark for sharing this new load of Season 6 backgrounds, character designs and gadgets. Looking at the backgrounds, there are several Versailles stills, possible villian hideouts and rooms of their victims along with Utah or Colorado scenery.
In the pictures with character designs, we recognized several viillians making possible comeback in S6: Dr. Grey (probably in Totally Switched again), Yves Mont Blanc (famous shoe designer), Violet Vanderfleet (her episode will with all probability feature florist van and Sam disguised as florist as in images below) and Captain Hayes (although we cant see his face properly so take this with a reserve).
Supposing the pirate captain, guy in fantasy clothes with magical staff and Clover´s pirate costume are not part of some fashion show or movie shooting, there is a chance of this being the WOOHP- Ahoy! episode which might be similar to "Stuck in the middle ages with you" from first season.

For all revelaled images go here.

In case you recognized some other villians or want to share thoughts on S6, visit our forum.


S6 visual style

We bring you two revealing screenshots taken straight from  So Totally Versailles! - special double episode (S6E25,26). Marathon takes visual quality of their Season 6 backgrounds seriously as you can tell from the bottom  screenshot, the same goes for spies´s animations in the top one. One additional layer of shading was added to the spies´s necks and belts. Overall quality and look are very close to TS The Movie! and Season 5 anatomy.

Full size

Full size

Thanks to our user Ilmira for posting these.


Season 1 DVDs


Attention fans! Four new DVDs containing all Season 1 episodes (previous DVDs had only few episodes from Season 1) are going to be released on August 13th, just one month ahead of Season 6 premiere. The discs are currently priced $17.96 each and are aviable for pre-order on Amazon.com. As a bonus, each release comes with an extras in the form of a "Make Your Own Door Hanger tips and instructions."! According to TVShowsOnDVDs twitter, the episodes will most likely be in Standard Definition which is 4:3 704x576.

Vol. 1 Vol. 2

Thanks to our user kendall112 for alerting us.
Source: TVShowsOnDVDs


Spying in Versailles

According to animationmagazine.net, the splashy promotional event in Versailles that we´ve all heard of, will support the launch of Season 6 on TF1 in September 2013! This is a bit later than we expected it to be but at least we now know the exact month.

Starting in April and untill the end of September, you can participate in many Totally Spies activities such as treasure hunts in the gardens and a screening of a TV special featuring a Spy mission in the gardens. The one-hour special will recreate the Château and gardens with the utmost historic accuracy, taking great pains to depict details of world famous attractions like the Hall of Mirrors and iconic garden statues. A special kids-oriented visitor’s booklet packed with quizzes, fun facts, hide & seek games and more will be created for the occasion. The booklet, DVD, magazines, and books will all be available in the gift shop.
Key licensees Paperbox Magazine and Hachette Jeunesse will also participate. Both will offer readers opportunities to win free entries to the Garden’s Light Show.

In addition to Versailles event, on-line marketing campaigns will run from April throughout the summer on: CVS’ websites, Facebook page and Twitter; Totally Spies!’ Facebook Fan Page, Totallyspies.com, Totallyoo.fr; and TF1’s site Tfou.

Fullsized image
Source: AnimationMagazine

First Season 6 footage!

WorldScreen.com made an interesting interview with David Michel (co-founder of Marathon) on Totally Spies! and mixed first Season 6 animations with Totally Spies The Movie scenes in it! We get to see only few moments but it is enough to say for sure that there definetely will be Mandy in S6 and at least part of S6 takes place at Mali-U University from Season 5! Art style of the new season is inherited from TS The Movie and fashionable clothes are also present! TS mix starts at 0:24 in the interview video below:

Here are some screenshots:

Source: Totally Spies Park
Interview: WorldScreen
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